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Introduction to ESG and climate change risk

Course Description

  1. Increase awareness on the ESG topic by placing it in the wider context of sustainability, of national and international regulation, and risk management activities
  2. Introduce the concept of ESG factors and risks and describe how they might affect organizations and/or financial institutions
  3. Provide an overview on the integration of ESG in organizations especially focusing on “why” and “how” to assess and integrate ESG risks.
  4. Support interested parties in the categorization, management and mitigation of ESG risks.

Who should attend

CSR Managers, Sustainability Managers, Management and Strategic Consultants, Financial operators dealing with ESG issues (e.g. Senior Bankers), ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) Managers.

Course Objective

  1. Know the key concepts of ESG
  2. Understand and interpret the concepts
  3. Understand some methodological tools

Course Agenda

  1. Current sustainability and climate change context, including the regulatory framework at the EU level,
  2. Social and environmental pressures on the current financial system and the challenges for the sector in the future,
  3. Key environmental, social and governance issues, and their relevance for financial institutions,
  4. Recognizing climate related, social related and governance related risks and opportunities and managing their financial impacts,
  5. How to rewire risk management frameworks in financial institutions to include ESG risks and factors.


The course employs a variety of training tools such as content-embedded assessment, animations, and other interactive exercises to enhance instructional delivery. Easily accessible via your preferred choice of device, the course allows you to log in and learn whenever, wherever.

Duration: 60 minutes